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Tripod site in place, but I may not update it with new stories.

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*Latest Installments of Ongoing Series*

**Now completed!**

text file (114k)

Rating: PG
Sometimes, you have to love someone enough to let them go.

Part 11: Great Minds
text file (84k)

A new sense of urgency descends, as Mulder and Scully
receive new insights about the bigger picture.

Part 5: Connection
text file (16k)

Rating: PG-13
Musings on family and parenthood.

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Great Expectations
On His Toes

42 Flavors
Arms Wide Open
Behind Every Good Woman
Beyond the Arc
Buss Stop
Crimsonlocks and the Three Confreres
Dinner with Holofernes
Easter Vigil
Falling Hard
First Comes Love
The Heart of Christmas
Hotter than Hell
In Heels
Is There a Doctor in the House?
It's a Spooky Life
Just an Observation
Kiss of an Angel's Wings
Mother Love
Much Ado
Nature's Fury
No Exit
Pair Bonding
Second Nature
The Secret Life of Fox Mulder, Special Agent
Simple Man
Something to Talk About
Spooky Claus
Stuck on You
Then Comes Marriage
They Say That Time Assuages...
'Twas the Night Before Wedlock

Remember the Alamo

As Luck Would Have It
Ecstatic Union
Guessing Game
Mating Rituals
No Alligators in Allegheny
Of Gophers and Little Green Men
Per Cor
Time Passes in Moments
What Must a Mother Go Through?
When Cows Fly

The Devil Inside
Triple Returns

Daughter of Mine
Father Abraham series
First Comes Love
Then Comes Marriage
Then Comes Baby
Hearts on the Mend
Out of the Ashes
Picking Up the Pieces
The Valley of Shadows


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