Part 1: Daughter of Mine
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"Mulder, you're old enough to be her father."
"I am her father."

Part 2: Meet Virginia
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Scully meets the new woman in Mulder's life.

Part 3: Dandelions and Roses
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"This is what it was like to have a father."

Part 4: She Drives Me Crazy
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"Did teenagers come with owner's manuals?"

Part 5: Connection
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Musings on family and parenthood.

* * * * *

Author's note:
The good news: I finally updated this series. The bad
news: you may have to wait a while for another update.
Everything I've written up to this point is kind of an
extended prequel to a much longer story I want to write.
Which means I need time to write it. So, maybe I'll post it
this summer? I'll aim for that, but I can make no guarantees.

* * * * *

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