This page contains long since abandoned fics from my hard drive that I have dusted off and posted here. For the most part, they are some of my earliest ventures into fic writing and are stories that I am no longer interested in or, frankly, have entirely forgotten where I thought I was going with them. They are unlikely ever to be completed.

Why, you ask, would I post unfinished (and never to be finished) stories? A) I hate having pages and pages of writing that will never see the light of day. B) As much as we complain about unfinished WIPs, they still get read. Some of the greatest fics out there are WIPs that haven't been updated in years and likely never will be completed. We complain about them, but we love them anyway. C) One of the best mysteries I ever read (aside from the unequaled classics of Agatha Christie) is Charles Dickens' The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Why was it so great? Because the book was unfinished when he died and in that sense is truly one of the greatest mysteries ever written, because it will ever remain a mystery.

There is something to be said for open-ended, unfinished works. They allow the reader to complete the story with his or her own imagination. So, I am posting some of my unfinished works here, for you to read or ignore. At the "conclusion" of the stories, I have also included recommendations for other stories (by other authors) which were indeed finished and might provide a more satisfactory ending.

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Untitled Post-ep to "Tithonus"
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Untitled Post-ep to "Milagro"
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Untitled Post-ep to "TrustNo1"
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