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What if it really did rain sleeping bags?

CLASSIFICATION: alternative scene, V, H
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* * * * *

Scully was walking back over to the woodpile to attempt igniting the fire with her gunpowder, when something hanging from the trees above Mulder caught his attention. He had to focus on it for a long moment to try to discern the shape in the dark. It didn't appear to be alive. In fact, it looked like a large piece of cloth just dangling there, quite precariously. One gust of wind might be enough to make it drop. As Mulder continued to look at the large, bulky object, he finally began to recognize it. But it couldn't be.... What were the chances of that? And what was it doing up there? Well, stranger things had happened.

Mulder looked back toward his partner and made small talk while she tried to start the fire. Finally, a spark lit the powder--and immediately went out, after one bright flare. Oh well, it had been a good effort.

Returning to the log where he sat, Scully pulled him over into her lap, ostensibly to keep him warm. Just as they were getting settled, a stiff breeze blew through the clearing. The precariously dangling object was blown from its perch and landed directly in front of them. Scully just stared at it, in disbelief, while Mulder looked up at her in bemusement to watch her reaction.

"What were you saying before about it raining sleeping bags, Scully?"

"I don't believe this. No, no, actually, I do believe this, which is what I don't believe. I should've known. I should've known that something like this would only happen to me." Scully was just looking straight ahead as she spoke, expressionless.

"So, did I get lucky?"

She looked down at him, eyebrow raised. "Lucky that we finally have something to keep you warm."

"But, Scully, you promised," he whined, trying to antagonize her.

"I didn't promise anything, Mulder. And I certainly wouldn't have said that if I actually thought it would happen!"

"So, you're just going to let me go into shock? Then you'll have to carry my body out of the woods all by yourself tomorrow."

"At least I can use the sleeping bag as a stretcher."

He pouted. Scully just ignored him and shifted him to the side so she could go over to the sleeping bag and inspect it. It certainly wasn't new, but it didn't look too dirty (from what could be seen in the moonlight). After carefully sniffing it and unzipping it to inspect the inside for critters, she seemed satisfied that it passed muster. She zipped it partially and lugged it back over to where Mulder was sitting. Letting it drop to the ground next to him, she paused, her hands on her hips. They were both watching to see how the other would respond. Mulder was surprised at what he saw next.

Scully kicked off her shoes and started to pull off her jacket.

"I suppose as your doctor I must do whatever is necessary to ensure the health of my patient."

Dropping her jeans, she folded them neatly and placed them on the log, on top of her jacket. Then, much to Mulder's disappointment, she climbed into the sleeping bag without removing any more clothing. She propped herself up against the log, resuming her earlier position, this time with bare legs buried in the sleeping bag and still-clothed upper body sticking out of the top.

"Your turn."

"I thought you were supposed to be naked."

"Don't push your luck, Mulder."

After a moment's hesitation, Mulder struggled to pull his jacket off. Scully leaned over and helped him ease it from his injured arm, then assisted him with his shirt, shoes, and jeans. Soon he was standing there in nothing but his boxers. He looked at her, waiting for her to help with those too.

"Leave 'em on, Mulder. C'mon, get in." Scully unzipped more of the sleeping bag to make room for him. The fit was tight for the two of them, and it took a moment of wrestling around until they finally found a position that was somewhat comfortable and avoided putting weight on his damaged shoulder.

When they finally stopped moving, Mulder reached down and zipped up the rest of the sleeping bag. Then Scully surprised him once more by pulling off her shirt as well and tossing it out on top of her pile of clothes.

"You go ahead and sleep, Mulder."

He shifted her more securely in his arms and closed his eyes. "One of us has to stay awake."

"Well, if you keep poking me with your knee all night, that won't be a problem."

"Uh, Scully? That's not my knee."


* * *

Mulder awoke abruptly to the sounds of birds chirping. Diffuse light was filtering into the clearing through the branches overhead, making it difficult for him to tell exactly what time it was, but it was definitely daytime. The sensation of a warm body draped over him reminded him of the previous night's events. Looking down, all he saw of his partner were her red locks shielding her face, which was partially buried in his chest.

Another sound, much different from the birds, broke through to his consciousness, and he froze as he tried to discern what it was. Had the creatures returned? Oh, God, where was his weapon?

"Do you have a camera?"

Mulder now recognized the sounds as hushed voices. They were moving closer, somewhere in the bushes behind him.

"What do you need a camera for?"

"Photographic evidence, so I can cash in on the office pool."

"Really, Mike!"

"I knew that traveling with the two of them would pay off. I thought I'd find something incriminating at the conference, but this is even better!"


Hearing Scully's groggy voice, Mulder looked back down to see her head raised and her sleepy eyes blinking at him.

"Tell me that's not Kinsley and Stonecypher that I'm hearing."

"This is why you were supposed to stay awake."

Emitting a soft whimper, she closed her eyes and let her head drop back to his chest with a dull thud.


Notes: This is total fluff. Pure silliness. No redeeming value whatsoever. But I've had it sitting on my computer for too long, so I just had to get it finished and sent off to greener pastures.

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